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Largest places in Gabon

The largest cities and places in Gabon at a glance on one page. Have a closer look at the largest places in Gabon.

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Largest places in Gabon
Libreville Libreville1.Estuaire Estuaire578,156
Port-Gentil Port-Gentil2.Ogooue-Maritime Ogooué-Maritime109,163
Franceville Franceville3.Haut-Ogooue Haut-Ogooué42,967
Oyem Oyem4.Woleu-Ntem Woleu-Ntem30,870
Moanda Moanda5.Haut-Ogooue Haut-Ogooué30,151
Mouila Mouila6.Ngounie Ngounié22,469
Lambarene Lambaréné7.Moyen-Ogooue Moyen-Ogooué20,714
Tchibanga Tchibanga8.Nyanga Nyanga19,365
Koulamoutou Koulamoutou9.Ogooue-Lolo Ogooué-Lolo16,222
Makokou Makokou10.Ogooue-Ivindo Ogooué-Ivindo13,571
Bitam Bitam11.Woleu-Ntem Woleu-Ntem10,297
Gamba Gamba12.Ogooue-Maritime Ogooué-Maritime9,928
Mounana Mounana13.Haut-Ogooue Haut-Ogooué8,780
Ntoum Ntoum14.Estuaire Estuaire8,569
Lastoursville Lastoursville15.Ogooue-Lolo Ogooué-Lolo8,340
Okondja Okondja16.Haut-Ogooue Haut-Ogooué7,155
Ndende Ndendé17.Ngounie Ngounié6,200
Booue Booué18.Ogooue-Ivindo Ogooué-Ivindo5,787
Fougamou Fougamou19.Ngounie Ngounié5,649
Ndjole Ndjolé20.Moyen-Ogooue Moyen-Ogooué5,098
Mbigou Mbigou21.Ngounie Ngounié4,134
Mayumba Mayumba22.Nyanga Nyanga3,996
Mitzic Mitzic23.Woleu-Ntem Woleu-Ntem3,886
Lekoni Lékoni24.Haut-Ogooue Haut-Ogooué3,583
Mimongo Mimongo25.Ngounie Ngounié3,307
Omboue Omboué26.Ogooue-Maritime Ogooué-Maritime1,667
Cocobeach Cocobeach27.Estuaire Estuaire1,653

1 - 27 of 27 places

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